Improvement of MS-6167

The remodeling case with MS-6167 is introduced here.
Mr.Hirobo was had to accept remodeling MB pleasantly at this time and I got the permission of the reprint of the photograph. I will deeply express my gratitude for here.


This is a panorama image of MS-6167. It is PLL hitting the spotlight.
Chip FAN of Windy is a thing which I exchanged with the back. There are a lot of heat only in the heat sink of default.
The position of the power supply connector is not good for this motherboard. When you will install a large-scale heat sink, it is necessary to note the size.

PLL remodeling

Image of part around PLL(ICS 9248AF-64)

It is an expansion chart of PLL surroundings. As for PLL, 9248AF-64 of ICS is used.

Image by which TurboPLL is installed

This is an image after TurboPLL is installed.

Vcore changeability remodeling

Vcore changeability remodeling

Please refer to here for the VID setting.


My MS-6167 was able to obtain two big arms named Vcore changeability and changeable FSB by these remodeling.
Especially, because not only FSB but also each clock of Memory, AGP, and PCI can do an over clock synchronizing with FSB, the FSB changeability remodeling becomes a considerably fast machine.

Various Benchmark acquisition with 130.7*6.5=850MHz succeeded by using Athlon600MHz at present, too. And, I am using PC regularly in the environment called 123*6.5=800MHz.

Please see by all means because the remodeling case is published in site "TurboPLL Page" of Mr. Hirobo in detail(Japanese).